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Pharmacy, A Cautionary Tale...

Just thought I'd relate a personal experience pertaining to my own healthcare. (It's a bit wordy so for the crux of it see the last paragraph)

Recently i was prescribed a medication which I duly went to the Pharmacy to fill only to be told that the cost to me would be $500+ (one month supply) as it was not covered by my insurance. Somewhat put off by this I asked them to hold it while i looked into the situation.

Once home I checked online for the medication (it's old, there are generics available) and the various manufacturers that make a version of it, I cross referenced these with my insurance plan and came to the conclusion that at least one of the brands should be covered with my usual co-pay (so long as it was pre-authorized).

Armed with this knowledge I contacted my Dr's office and they submitted the information required for the pre-authorization which came through the next day. So back the pharmacy I went, they brought out the same package of medication but this time with a mere $160 bill, no no no no, my research told me it should be covered by the co-pay, so i told them this, they checked with their distributor for alternative brands of the same medication and lo and behold there was indeed a version of the medication that was covered by my co-pay, which was ordered and I collected it the next day for $19.

Moral of the story?

Don't take anything at face value, you won't always get the best deal by default. YOU are your own best advocate for your healthcare. With a few phone calls and bit of googling I saved $480+ on one months supply of medication. It pays to get to know your Insurance Plan!

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